About Me

Wearer of many hats. Player of many parts. At any given moment I could be wearing one of a dozen name tags:

I have been incredibly blessed with a successful business career in the secular world as a human resources executive and performance & business planning strategist. I’ve been published in several print and online mediums and I have the pleasure of working for a great boss in an organization whose mission I believe in.

While dedicated to the worldly name tag that reads Vice President of Operations, there are name tags that hold a higher place in my heart and others that feed my soul in a way a secular job never should.

I am the wife of an amazing, thoughtful, caring, godly man who is a rock of stability, consistency and integrity for our two teenage boys. And I am blessed and proud to be the mother of two god-centered teenagers who serve the Lord passionately and with clear priority over other shiny worldly options.

The tag that reads Servant is the most treasured name tag I wear. Serving my Lord and is the thing that drives me, fills me, frees me, gives my life purpose and is a thread through the successes of every other part of my life.

For years I struggled with wanting to serve the Lord as a full-time occupation but no doors were opening in that direction. Once I surrendered that God had other and specific plans for me in the secular/business world, He showed me a whole new set of doors, windows and ports to serve Him through the coaching and counseling I did in the everyday part of my job.

In 2002, my husband and I began a consulting practice “on the side” of our regular full-time jobs which has given me an additional outlet for my coaching and counseling. In everything I do, from 9:00 – 5:00 or on the side, I fall back on Ephesians 6:5-9 to remind me that no matter what I’m doing, I’m always doing it for God. Even in working as a slave to the world, if I do it as if I’m working for God, then my work will inherently honor God.

Ephesians 6:5-9 (NIV) - Slaves and Masters

Slaves, obey your masters here on earth. Respect them and honor them with a heart that is true. Obey them just as you would obey Christ. Don't obey them only to please them when they are watching. Do it because you are slaves of Christ. Be sure your heart does what God wants.

Serve your masters with all your heart. Work as if you were not serving people but the Lord. You know that the Lord will give you a reward. He will give to each of you in keeping with the good you do. It doesn't matter whether you are slaves or free.

Masters, treat your slaves in the same way. When you warn them, don't be too hard on them. You know that the One who is their Master and yours is in heaven. And he treats everyone the same.
After God showed me that I had more opportunity reach the lost and unchurched by working in a secular career, keeping Him at the center of everything I do, I pursued my credentials as a Biblical Counselor and Master Christian Life Coach. I had become a certified MBTI and EQ-i Practitioner for my “day job” but the Lord has opened amazing opportunities for me to reach beyond the workplace to use my skills for His glory.

I strive to integrate Christian principles and ethics into secular workplace practices and provide biblically-based counseling and coaching as a part of my job, but I also have been blessed since 2007 with opportunities to provide Christian Coaching and Counseling in a more direct way through windows God has opened at Fair Oaks Church as I began offering MBTI workshops that focused on marriage, parenting and spirituality.

In 2011, I partnered with Fair Oaks Church to begin offering free life coaching and counseling services to the Fair Oaks Church community through the Romans 15 Life Coaching ministry.

Through this ministry, I can provide guidance in areas of Marriage and Family Relationships, New Generation Parenting, Children and Teenagers, Stress and Anxiety, Loss, Grief and Trauma, God-centered Finances and Debt-free Living, Executive, Job Performance and Career Coaching, Communication and Relationship Development. For additional information about this ministry, for office hours or to make an appointment, visit www.loudonpurpose.com/life-coaching.  

About Me